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Point 2 Plane Distance Patch for Spark AR

Askhat Mudarisov
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This patch will return distance from a plane to vertices of any mesh you will apply to. You can achieve many effects with this patch, check screenshots for examples.


  • Plane Object - object distance from you want

  • Scale - multiply distance

  • Symmetry - will remove sign from distance

  • Threshold - used by threshold output

  • Smooth - used buy threshold smooth output

  • Invert - will invert threshold outputs


  • Raw - just distance with scale and symmetry applied

  • Threshold - if distance greater than threshold, input 1 else 0 (affected by invert)

  • Threshold Smooth - same as Threshold but affected by Smooth (affected by invert)

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Point 2 Plane Distance Patch with sample project

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Point 2 Plane Distance Patch for Spark AR

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